Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: a complete art

As a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I devote this blog to jiu-jitsu and more specifically to what it represents. More than a martial art, BJJ is an art of living rich in both values and exchanges.

Art of BJJ
BJJ as an art martial

With roots coming from the traditional Japanese jujitsu, BJJ has found its richness and its effectiveness in Brazil. Free from the traditional constraints existing in other fighting sports, the Gracie family appropriate the martial art. Rather than only focus on techniques, it has managed to make them evolve to an ultimate goal: effectiveness in real situation.
It’s a martial art in permanent evolution that I invite you to discover.

BJJ as an art of living

For me this sport’s strength stays in its values of conviviality, exchange and respect it carries. I may be too utopian but until now I always have been delighted by the warm welcome I received and the friendship I have bounded through this sport.
Values and a spirit of mind we can find on and outside the mat. These also created surprising relationships like the one between BJJ and surf or have initiated/engendered social projects.

BJJ around the world

With effectiveness and strong values, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become widespread in the entire world thanks to a lot of enthusiasm. Rather than reporting to you some of my trainings in different countries, I wish to introduce to you the people and the environment in which BJJ evolves all over the world.

BBJ and women

My (too) short experience of jiu-jitsu in club(s) and competition pointed me out that only few women practice BJJ. This combat sport is a good self-defence mean. In addition to the techniques’ effectiveness, jiu-jitsu offers a reply to all kinds of attack; it develops self-confidence and the ability to deal with stressful situations. Sparings I had with aggressive male opponents proved me the BJJ ability to develop self-control (guys let’s be honest, for some of you it is still hard to accept being put in difficulties or being tapped by a girl!).

I am fully convinced that BJJ is good on either the martial, the mental and the moral aspects. That’s why I dedicate a part of this site to women in jiu-jitsu.

Hope you’ll enjoy your reading, oss!