Kyra Gracie: the star of female BJJ

To start this section dedicated to women in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it was obvious for me to write an article about Kyra Gracie. Carlos Gracie’s great-granddaughter today embodies a new face of BJJ, effective and 100% girly.

BJJ enthusiast since her earliest childhood

Kyra Gracie grew up in a family regulated by Brazilian jiu-jitsu and with her three uncles: Ralph, Ryan and Renzo Gracie. Her first steps took her quickly on the mat. From a leisure activity in her early age she passed to serious training when she was 11.

Worthy descendant of the Gracie family

Nevertheless, at the time, some members of the family thought that the « gentle art » was and should remain a man sport. Kyra had to rebel early against the familial reticence to continue jiu-jitsu in competition. She carried on training with the aim to prove that she is a worthy descendant of the Gracie family.


Black belt under Carlson Gracie Junior at 21, she has an impressive list of victories: several time Abu Dhabi Combat Club champion, 5 times world and Pan American champion, 6 times national champion!

Kyra has become the first woman of the Gracie clan to be worldwide recognized as a fighter!

Now she extends her training to boxing with famous Claudio Coelho and judo with Olympic team member Leonardo Leite, with the goal to take on the MMA scene.

A major personality of BJJ

Recognizable with her pink gi Kyra Gracie embodies the modern, high level and girly BJJ through and through! The young lady has built an attractive personal branding. Thus she has become a major personality of BJJ and is often present at TV as a big show invited or as sport caster.

An effective online communication

Kyra has a strong media coverage relayed on Internet through an effective brand communication. Twitter, Facebook, Google +, the lady appears on all social media in addition to her website. She also spread an effective and coherent communication strategy with a well-balanced communication about sport news, information about her social project Kapacidade or promotion (DVD, seminar – don’t forget she is also a businesswoman!).

Feminine jiu-jitsu

Kyra Gracie by Tiago Moljnos

Kyra Gracie by Tiago Moljnos

Feminine and sexy, Kyra is often highlighted by photographers and has become a beauty ambassador of BJJ. In a largely male environment, her pictures make the buzz on social networks (isn’t that right guys?)…
So she contributes undeniably to BJJ’s fame with her sport performances and personality. “I want to be to women’s Jiu-Jitsu what Rickson is to men’s Jiu-Jitsu” she said in an interview to Gracie Mag in 2009. It seems the goal has already been reached!

A citizen ambassadress of BJJ

Kyra Gracie also carries Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s values outside the mat with her association Kapacidade. She teaches BJJ’s art and values to poor children from the favelas.
In conclusion whether you agree or not with her image, Kyra has undeniably known how to command respect to her forefathers and to contribute to the notoriety of feminine BJJ.

Portrait de Kyra Gracie :

KYRA GRACIE from LF PROD on Vimeo.

To be continued !


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Photos credits : Tiago Molinos